Everyone’s journey in developing their relationship to nature is different, so Rooted Ecotherapy has a variety of services to begin growing your relationship to nature, deepent that connection, and maintain it.

Services and Rates

E-Book: Using Nature to Support Your Mental Health: A Self-Guided Introduction to Ecotherapy
This self-guided introduction to therapy allows you to connect with nature on your own time and at your own pace. It includes a variety of activities and journal prompts that cover the equivalent of about 4-6 weekly ecotherapy sessions. It is a great place to start if you are just discovering ecotherapy and want to see if it is a good fit for you.
This $25 guide is conveniently available as an ebook digital download so that you can take it anywhere and engage in ecotherapy. To purchase please go to: stan.store/rootedecotherapy
Coming Spring 2023: Weekly Drop-In Ecotherapy Walks
This Spring, we will be starting weekly ecotherapy walks, which will be one hour drop-in group experience. Each week, we will reflect on a different aspect of our relationship with nature. This group is a great option for a wide range of folks, such as those who are new to ecotherapy and curious to learn more as well as folks who have been developing their relationship to nature for some time and would like a way to practice maintenance. 
First session is $15 and includes a journal to record your reflections. Every session following is $10. 
3-Session Introduction to Ecotherapy
This a great option if you are seeking therapy at this time and are curious about trying ecotherapy instead of a more traditional, office-based therapeutic approach. Over the course of three 50-minute structured sessions, you will have the opportunity to experience therapy in nature, explore what ecotherapy is, and determine if it is a fit for you. 
$275 for three 50-minute sessions
Ecotherapy Sessions
If you are wanting to build your connection with nature while having space to explore topics typical to traditional talk therapy, this option is for you. Much like traditional talk therapy, the content of the session is often determined by the client’s goals for therapy and interests. This may mean that the client and clinician spend the 50 minute session walking and talking about a problem that they are experiencing, or perhaps sitting on a park bench and engaging in conversation about their goals. Nature is both the setting and an active player in the therapeutic process. At times, you may find that nature feels like the new therapy office and serves as the background to the session, and at other times we may bring intentionality to our experience in nature by noticing how being outside makes you feel.
$175 per session

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