Rooted Ecotherapy Newsletter

March 2023 Edition

Spring is on its way!

Spring is often a time for renewal and feeling re-energized. With the melting of snow, warming of temperatures, and longer days, folks often have the experience of feeling increased energy. Pairing this with the blooming of flowers and leaves growing on trees, we often feel that we, too, are coming out of Winter dormancy and feel more motivated to go outside and connect with nature. Spring is an excellent time to renew your connection with nature, and maybe even find new ways to get outside. 

Take a moment to reflect on what Spring means for you? Are there intentions or goals you would like to set for yourself as we enter the Spring season? Below are some ideas for ways to connect with nature this season. Is there an activity that you enjoy and would like to engage in again this year, or perhaps a new activity you would like to try?


Ways to Connect with Nature in the Spring:
  • Plant a garden 
  • Fill the bird feeder/bird bath 
  • Open your windows in your home or when driving 
  • Sit outside for coffee or a meal 
  • Read or journal in a local park 
  • Take note of all the plants that are waking up from Winter
  • Hike/bike in a new place 
  • Meet with friends in an outdoor space 
  • Listen to the birds as they migrate back to your area
  • Take a walk at the end of your day now that there is more light

    Ecotherapy Around the World

    This year, the Spring Equinox falls on March 20th. The Spring Equinox marks the ending of Winter and a time when both day and night are the same length. Across the globe, there are many cultural celebrations to acknowledge the equinox and celebrate increased light. 

    In Northern India, Hindus celebrate Holi by hosting festivals during which colorful powders are thrown in the air. The different hues represent the many colors in bloom during Spring and are a way to celebrate increased light. In Mexico, folks gather at the Teotihuacán Pyramid and Chichen Itza to celebrate the Spring Equinox. They raise their arms to embrace the energy that comes from this time of year. In England, folks gather at Stonehenge. They arrive to the famous site before dawn to watch the sun rise from within the circle of Stones. There are so many ways to celebrate the coming of Spring. How do you hope to celebrate this year?

    Self-Guided Introduction to Ecotherapy

    Wanting to learn more about ecotherapy and continue developing your practice of connecting to nature? Check out my Self-Guided Introduction to Ecotherapy.