Why Ecotherapy?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans spend as much as 93% of their time indoors or in cars. For many folks who work in office settings, that number is even higher. Being outdoors for 10-30 minutes per day has been seen to reduce markers of stress and boost mood. While it is lovely when this time can be spent in a local park or in an immersive nature experience, it can also be tending to your house plants or sitting under a tree. As part of ecotherapy, we encourage all clients to work towards a daily dose of nature. We will explore what times of interactions with nature feel best for you, and discuss ways that you can incorporate nature into your daily life.  

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Have you ever had the experience of stepping outside on the first warm day of Spring, and paused to notice how the warm sun and cool breeze gives your mood a boost? Spending time outside and connecting to nature impacts how our bodies feel and improves our mental health. Ecotherapy takes the healing and rejuvenating aspects of nature and integrates them with the traditional practice of talk therapy.

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