Frequently Asked Questions

When life gives you questions, we give you an FAQ. Feel free to contact us with any questions that we did not address below. 

What do I wear to an ecotherapy session?

Being dressed comfortably and appropriately for the weather will help you get the most out of your session. This may mean wearing comfortable walking shoes, loose clothing, and layers for cooler weather. While the intention of ecotherapy is not exercise, we will be moving our bodies during session, so it might be helpful to have a light snack before session and bring water. 

What happens if there is inclement weather?

Ecotherapy can be a challenge by choice experience, in that if you are wanting the experience of being outdoors on a lightly raining day or colder weather, this can certainly be part of the session. However, if that is not something that feels like a fit for you, we are able to meet in sheltered outdoor spaces or in the Moorestown Therapy Collective office in case of inclement weather. Dana will also be monitoring weather to ensure the safety of all clients with regard to weather. 

Is ecotherapy accessible to all regardless of ability status?

Yes, nature is for everyone! Accommodations can be made for folks of all abilities, whether that is staying on paved paths, sitting for the session, or using senses other than sight. 

What if I see someone I know during session?

Due to ecotherapy taking place outside of an office, there is a small risk that you may see someone you know while in session. During your first appointment, you will discuss how you might want to navigate this situation with your clinician and identify certain nature spaces that may provide the most privacy for you. 

Do you take insurance?

Ecotherapy is a new and growing field.  Because it occurs outside of the therapy office and employs techniques that insurance companies have not caught up to billing for, ecotherapy is an experience that is not covered by insurance just yet.  Check back with us in the future as we will have programs available which are more accessible if you can’t afford ecotherapy yet.

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