Rooted Ecotherapy Newsletter

July 2023 Edition

Celebrate summer by spending time outside

Summer is a great time of year to focus on your connection with nature. There are loads of ways to get outside, including enjoying coffee or breakfast outside if you are sensitive to mid-day heat, exploring local natural spaces such as through hikes, kayaking, swimming, or exercise, or spending time in a blooming garden. There is often a lot to notice and pay attention to in nature during the summer months. For example, try engaging in a mindfulness exercise where you notice all the sounds you can hear on a summer day. You might notice birds, frogs, leaves rustling, or cicadas. Try to notice as many different sounds as possible.  

Reflection: What are some of your favorite ways to connect with nature during the summer months? How can you create space in your schedule for these activities or experiences?

    Ecotherapy Around the World

    We often hear about the destruction and deforestation occurring in the Amazon forest and it’s impact on climate change. These harmful practices have a direct impact on the health and mental health of local communities, and the impacts they have on climate change affect the health and mental health of folks across the globe. However, there are organizations working against these practices. One effort, the Amazonian Farms project, is working with local communities in Colombia to create sustainable farms in areas where deforestation has occurred. These efforts have allowed the environment to recover from deforestation, provided food for local communities, and protected native plant species. To learn more about the efforts of this project, please find the link below:

    Self-Guided Introduction to Ecotherapy

    Wanting to learn more about ecotherapy and continue developing your practice of connecting to nature? Check out my Self-Guided Introduction to Ecotherapy.